Tolkien, linguistics, elvish, quenya, sindarin, elvish linguistic fellowship, the languages of tolkien’s middle-earth pdf, e. In addition to the general copyright issues associated with the published and unpublished works of any author, legality is further an issue in the study of Tolkien’s invented languages because, unlike natural languages, Tolkien’s languages are the invention of one man, and thus are his artistic and intellectual property.

Tolkien created expressly for the purpose of ensuring such protections. I must therefore balance three potentially conflicting principles. This has thus far generally proven quite easy. Estate’s permission for publication have sought and received it. Those who wish to see such works, despite the rights of the Tolkien Estate — to say nothing of respect for the views and wishes of the author whose works have inspired us to this study — should have no trouble finding such with the aid of a Web search engine.

If there is no mention on this page of some work, it is either because I judge it to violate one or more of these principles, or because I’ve simply not seen it. It is in any event obviously against the wishes of the Tolkien Estate that any such publication be made, so even if the legality of this act is arguable, my opinion of such an act is not, and I won’t support or condone it. Estate as expressed to me, enjoy Fair Use protection. Tolkien’s work and wishes are encouraged to write the authors of such works and urge them to seek the Tolkien Estate’s permission. The listing of a resource on this page should not be taken as a blanket endorsement of its entire contents.

And in no case should the content of this site be regarded as an expression either of endorsement or disapprobation by the Tolkien Estate, or by any entity other than myself. The following is an annotated list of the principal primary texts for a study of Tolkien’s invented languages. Chronological Bibliography of the Writings of J. All works are by J.