He was one of the first rappers to be the millionaire fastlane free pdf due to his lyrical content. He was born in Sacramento Ca. Gardens area around Florin Rd and 29th St, a known Crip gang area that’s known locally as the 29th St. C-Bo is also a member of the gang.

He mentions the gang numerous times in his music. He has sold over 3. 5 million albums independently since 1993. C-BO, notoriously known for his relationship with law enforcement, was one of the first rappers to be jailed due to his lyrical content, a scathing critique of political officials and police on his track “Deadly Game”, and unsuccessfully argued for appeal 3 times, while gaining nationwide attention for arguably his most successful mainstream album. He was arrested in California in 1998, under the suspicion that his violent rap lyrics violated his parole.

He then in Ohio, rapped his court statement to the presiding judge, who gave C-Bo probation on the condition that he also rap in a Public Service Announcement. Who Ride wit Us: Tha Compalation, Vol. Can U Deal With This? United Ghettos of America Vol.

Rapper C-BO Jailed For Lyrics. C-BO Raps His Way Out Of Legal Trouble. This page was last edited on 24 January 2018, at 06:28. Kurupt Young Gotti in Abu Dhabi. Kurupt and Daz developed a close working relationship. NYC and although it did not diss anyone specifically, it incited the response “L. Death Row release not produced by Dr.