A list of useful books the picatrix liber atratus pdf to Renaissance astrology and magic. Renaissance Electional Astrology Compilation, 3rd Ed.

The editions differ primarily in appearance, layout, illustrations and price. Gothic woodblock font, basic Picatrix sigil images. Renaissance Italic fonts, basic Picatrix sigil images, Green Magic index. 95, both plus shipping direct from the printer.

Gothic woodblock font, basic Picatrix sigil images, includes a sanguinary account of the creation of a divinatory head from the Arabic Picatrix. 7 planets, 12 signs and 28 Mansions of the Moon. Rubricated Gothic capitals, basic Picatrix sigil images. Seven separate planetary consecrations available! Warnock is the leading contemporary astrological magician. Neo-platonic philosophy and how talismans work, logically and coherently.

Picatrix puts it all right in front of you! Finally the secrets of astrological magic are revealed! David Pingree, plus spirit names in Arabic! The critical edition is longer and has much more material than any one manuscript. Renaissance Astrology Picatrix editions, contains the complete text of the four books of the Latin Picatrix. 21 plus shipping direct from the printer, Lulu.