Logo of the United States Secret Service. Badge the secret of power pdf the United States Secret Service. Flag of the United States Secret Service. Secret Service has two missions.

The service’s investigative mission is to investigate financial and electronic-based crimes, including counterfeit U. The Secret Service’s initial responsibility was to investigate the counterfeiting of U. Secret Service agents conducting electronic investigations. Secret Service agents protecting President George W.

Secret Service and FBI agents investigate the Boston Marathon bombing. Secret Service and DEA agents investigate major drug trafficking conspiracies. Secret Service agents protecting President Obama and foreign heads of state. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller and Former Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan participate in the Annual Secret Service vs. The Secret Service is mandated by Congress to carry out a unique dual mission: safeguarding the financial and critical infrastructure of the United States, and protecting the nation’s leaders. The two core missions of investigations and protection synergize with the other, providing crucial benefits to special agents during the course of their careers. Proficiency in analyzing handwriting and forgery techniques being applied in protective investigations of handwritten letters and suspicious package threats.

Expertise in investigating electronic and financial crimes being applied in protective investigations of threats made against the nation’s leaders on the Internet. Partnerships that are created between field offices and local law enforcement during the course of investigations being used to gather both protective intelligence and in coordinating protection events. The Secret Service’s primary investigative mission is to protect the payment and financial systems of the United States from a wide range of financial and electronic-based crimes including counterfeit U. United States economy and financial systems. The agency’s key focus is on large, high-dollar economic impact cases involving organized criminal groups.

Financial criminals include embezzling bank employees, armed robbers at automatic teller machines, heroin traffickers, and criminal organizations that commit bank fraud on a global scale. The USSS plays a leading role in facilitating relationships between other law enforcement entities, the private sector, and academia. The Service maintains the Electronic Crimes Task Forces, which focus on identifying and locating international cyber criminals connected to cyber intrusions, bank fraud, data breaches, and other computer-related crimes. Protection of the nation’s highest elected leaders and other government officials remains the other key mission of the United States Secret Service. From 1997 until 2013, legislation was in place limiting Secret Service protection to former Presidents and their spouses to a period of 10 years from the date the former President leaves office. January 10, 2013, reversing this limit and reinstating lifetime protection.