Woodworking Tools – Veritas Tools. Mortise Chisel Adapter for Mk. Skew Tool and cutter grinder plans pdf Jig for the Mk.

Camber Roller Assembly for the Mk. For wider jaw capacity, the longer chain cover will accommodate vise screw centers up to 24″. The Phase II QCTP comes with several toolholders but more would be better, allowing more bits and the clamp knurler to be instantly available. It is possible to make toolholders with a mill, given a dovetail cutter. However, dovetail cutters are expensive too. The cutter was turned from a 1.

2″ shank to fit the mill’s cutter holder. All turning was done without removing the work from the chuck to ensure concentricity. A small shoulder was left on the shank to allow resetting the depth of the cutter in the holder in case it was removed to change inserts. A very small dot was put in the center of the bottom for reference using a center drill in the tailstock. The boring bar holder was then mounted in the mill vise and a machinist protractor was used to orient the vise so the seat could be milled for the carbide insert.

The inner edge of the TPEG 322 is exactly at the dot made earlier. The insert is installed with super glue and the center of the mounting hole spotted, the insert popped off and the hole drilled. I drilled the hole completely through, tapped it 6-32, cut the button head screw slightly long, installed the insert and then simply filed off the protruding threads. The cutter was removed from the boring bar holder and a flat was milled on the shank. Home made cutters don’t come with instructions for use so it took some experimenting to decide how to make dovetails once I built the tool. The bulk of the material is removed with normal milling techniques to leave a large slot. Then, the dovetail cutter is used to cut the sloped section of the dovetail.

With the cutter stopped I lowered it to touch the bottom of the large slot, then raised the cutter 5 thousandths. 3 of the dovetail’s depth on the first pass. Subsequent passes removed 20 thousandths until full depth was achieved. This dovetail cutter is a type of flycutter and makes the same noise as it operates so I arrived at the above settings based on the sound of the cutter.