The paper focuses on the development of empirical hover and low-speed turbulence models in particular for the EC 135 helicopter. For the extraction process, this method uses a mathematical model of the aircraft dynamics and aircraft angular and vertical rates measured during flight tests in turbulence. Analyzing and modeling the power spectral turbulence training 2.0 free pdf of the extracted control disturbances allows the generation of low order equivalent turbulence models that can be used for control system optimization, handling qualities investigations, and pilot training. The paper describes the two applications of system identification within the development of the turbulence model: First a high fidelity state space model of the EC 135 helicopter model in hover has to be developed as a prerequisite for the extraction of the equivalent control input traces from flights tests in turbulence.

Once the control equivalent turbulence input traces have been extracted and their power spectral densities determined, a second identification step yields the desired turbulence models. The results show that the effects of atmospheric turbulence on a hovering rotorcraft can be effectively modeled and simulated using the CETI method. The identified turbulence model has received favorable pilot comments during handling qualities trials. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. For persons who are afraid to fly, a description of some basic principles of aircraft flight safety: lift, turning flight, the sounds of flight, and turbulence.

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The paper has three themes. Partial Differential Equations strongly favored by CFD methods and the nonlocal physical nature of turbulence. Second, we oppose two philosophies. Galilean invariance, but lack an explicit connection with terms in the exact turbulence equations. The prime example is the eddy-viscosity assumption. An example in the hard class is the supposed isotropy of the diagonal Reynolds stresses. Examples in the soft class are the need to match the decay rate of isotropic turbulence, and the value of realizability in a model.

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