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Native Americans have been questioning the use of the name and image since the 1960s, while the topic has received widespread public attention since the 1990s. Native Americans officially demanding change include hundreds of tribal nations, national tribal organizations, civil rights organizations, and individuals. 2 million individuals in 2013. Public awareness of the issues has been growing based upon social science research on the harmful effects of stereotyping. The number of high school and college teams using the Redskins name has been declining steadily along with other Native American mascots. There is also a growing number of public officials, sports commentators and other journalists advocating a change. Redskins federal trademark registrations, considering them “disparaging to Native Americans”.

The cancellation was affirmed in 2015 by the judge in a first appeal by the Redskins. Support for continued use of the name has come from the team’s owners, management, the NFL Commissioner, and a majority of fans, which include some Native American individuals. Supporters say that the name honors the achievements and virtues of Native Americans, and that it is not intended in a negative manner. Redskins by three high school teams, two on reservations, that have a majority of Native American students. Specific criticism of the methodology includes the use of self-reporting to identify Native Americans, which violated the basic principles supporting the validity of public opinion polling. 2004, yielding an identical result. The logo for the NFL Braves was similar to the current logo, a Native American head in profile with braids and trailing feathers.

Members of the Blackfeet tribe express a range of opinions, from support to indifference to strong opposition to the Redskins name based upon their personal experiences. 19th and early 20th centuries. The historical context for the emergence in the Americas of racial identities based upon skin color was the establishment of colonies which developed a plantation economy dependent upon slave labor. Before that, the British identified themselves as Christians rather than white.