Avicii Wake Me Up Official Single Cover. File:Avicii – Wake Me Up. Avicii introduced “Wake me up when september ends pdf Me Up! Subsequently, Avicii achieved critical and commercial success with the release of the single worldwide.

Wake Me Up” peaked at number one in much of Europe and charted well in various countries. A separate music video was also made. The Blacc single also charted in its own right in various charts. Avicii, who had previously labelled “Wake Me Up!

I needed another singer to do the parts. I started working on that track. Aloe, so I called him and he was free. Lyrics come really easy to him so the two of us wrote them in a couple of hours and we finished the track. 90s and I never expected to be singing and have an actual career as a musician, but I’m travelling all over the world and I thought ‘Life is a dream, wake me up when it’s all over’.

I was invited to the studio with Avicii and Mike Einziger from Incubus, and when I got to the studio they had already come up with a chord progression of the song. I came in with the lyrics and I just developed the melody as I heard the chords, and we all thought it was something very strong. We finished the song that night as an acoustic version, then Avicii made the dance mix in a couple of days, and that’s what we released to the world, and that was his release. The single also charted in its right in various charts.

Kudos to Avicii then, who has dared to try something a little different for his latest offering. The jig-along chorus may conjure up images of Brits-on-tour, but to be honest, what summer anthem doesn’t? United Kingdom and several European countries, in addition to reaching the top 10 in six others. The song debuted at number 42 on 24 June. A week later, the song hit the top position, ending “Blurred Lines” eight-week reign. Wake Me Up” spent seven consecutive weeks at number one. North American music markets, having peaked in Canada and the United States at number two and number four, respectively.

In the United States, “Wake Me Up! Katy Perry’s “Roar”, Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball”, and Lorde’s “Royals”. Electronic song to stay over a year on that chart. 4 million copies in the U. August 2015 it has sold over 4,060,000 copies. 267,000 in its first week, becoming Britain’s fastest-selling single of 2013.

Following three weeks at number one, “Wake Me Up” spent a further four consecutive weeks at number two, and a total of 11 consecutive weeks in the top ten. The single spent 32 consecutive weeks in the top 40, before exiting. By October 2013, the single had sold over 1 million copies in the UK, becoming the 140th single to do so in UK chart history and the third single of 2013 to do so. Wake Me Up” was also the fifth most streamed track of 2013 in the UK. As of December 2017, the video has been viewed over 30 million times. 28 June 2013, at a total length of four minutes and thirty two seconds, and teaser clips for the official video were also released. The official video for “Wake Me Up” was released a month after the lyric video on 29 July 2013.