India and has found no longer sustainable. Present study has primarily highlights the need of the Indian conditions for treatment and reuse wastewater engineering treatment and resource recovery 5th edition pdf wastewater which happens to be the main cause for pollution of water resources in India.

In this study efforts were made for assessment the potential of model sewage fed aquaculture system of capacity 8 MLD in Karnal, India for wastewater treatment, reuse and resource recovery during the treatment process. The in-depth evaluation study were conducted for integrated assessment of STP in association with health, environment, society, and institutions aspects as well as quality of treated effluent subjected for reuse in irrigation. The Economic analysis of the model sewage-fed aquaculture system shows that there was an annual profit of INR 8-10 lakhs through selling of fish in local market as well as ample amount of revenue generated through selling of treated effluent to the farmers. Also, the irrigation with treated wastewater able to save the fertilizer upto 50 kg of Urea and 50 kg of diammonium phosphate during cultivation of one acre of crop annually. The system was found good for removal of physic-chemical pollutants and also found very effective in removal of bacteriological pollutants.

The reported removals for total coliform, fecal coliform and fecal streptococci were found 99. Further documentation is available here. Energy and nutrient recovery for municipal wastewater treatment: How to design a feasible plant layout? We demonstrate a five-step procedure to develop future sewage treatment plants.

Steady-state energy and mass balances with conversions help to select scenarios. A promising scenario to treat and recover resources is proposed for Dutch case. Model shows recovery of energy yield of 0. Activated sludge systems are commonly used for robust and efficient treatment of municipal wastewater. However, these systems cannot achieve their maximum potential to recover valuable resources from wastewater.

This study demonstrates a procedure to design a feasible novel configuration for maximizing energy and nutrient recovery. A simulation model was developed based on literature data and recent experimental research using steady-state energy and mass balances with conversions. Anammox, P recovery, and anaerobic digestion. Results indicate the possibility to increase net energy yield up to 0. Moreover, sensitivity analysis points out the dominant influence of wastewater organic matter on energy production and consumption. This study provides a good starting point for the design of promising layouts that will improve sustainability of municipal wastewater management in the future. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

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